Provence forever

epubli GmbH

Taschenbuch, englisch

ISBN 978-3-7549-2062-6

28,– € [D], 28,– € [A]
Money, success, power - who doesn't dream of being on the sunny side of life, of being able to fulfill all their wishes and of belonging to a better society? But this sunny side has its shadows, as Massimo Cereso's chronicle shows. His life paints the picture of a person who repeatedly succumbs to the seduction of money and success and who often destroys what he has laboriously built up before. Massimo Cereso is a passionate entrepreneur and lover and he loves Provence. «Provence forever» is a gripping novel autobiography in which he reveals a lot, but above all is not silent. From his house in Provence, Cereso can look back on an eventful life that began promisingly and took dramatic turns and rapid up and down hills. Finally, in his ripe years, he meets the interesting and extremely attractive Michèle - the beginning of a stirring “amour fou”. With his breathless style, the author manages to captivate the reader with his memories. Cereso ruthlessly and honestly takes himself and his past to justice. A valuable life experience. But it also reflects the life dynamics of a man who has finally come to rest in the French Provence.