Leon Ludwig

epubli GmbH

Taschenbuch, englisch

ISBN 978-3-7541-5232-4

13,99 € [D], 13,99 € [A]
When he first met her, he knew it would change his life. But he never expected how much ...
Leon, an 18-year-old young man from a good family, met Noemi, who was the same age, for the first time in a pub where he often stops. She is beautiful, shy and withdrawn. Leon immediately falls under its spell. Everything is blooming and full of roses. Leon is happy to have found love.
But Noemi keeps a big secret, which Leon gradually finds out: Noemi is heavily addicted to drugs. But because Leon loves her more than anything, he goes all the ways for her to end the cycle of addiction - without noticing that he is slipping deeper and deeper into drug hell and becoming the biggest dealer in the area ...

LEON LUDWIG is the dramatic, tab-free biography of a dealer who goes through hell out of love for his girlfriend. New enhanched edition.