Feel Real

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Taschenbuch, englisch

ISBN 978-3-7543-9839-5

13,99 € [D], SFr. 20,50 [CH], 14,40 € [A]
Everything seemed to stop and come to a halt. I saw her smile widen, as I brought the knife up to my face. I looked at my own reflection, as it seemed to shine through hers, and placed the knife underneath my left eye. My hand shook so rapidly, I was scared I was going to drop the knife.

"Do it! Do it now!"

The voice said. But she didn't have to speak any more for me to go on. I wanted to go on. I found myself envying her, how she would never have to face what was brought upon me. She didn't have to witness any kind of cruelty, and soon I wouldn't have to either...