Dear Onyang

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Broschur, englisch

EAN 9781565915022

29,90 € [D], 30,80 € [A]
More than ten years after SAMTOH’s publication of the heartfelt Korean picture book <온양이> comes its English version Dear Onyang, translated by the granddaughter of North Korean refugees who were rescued during the Heungnam evacuation.

Dear Onyang is a historical fiction story that takes place in the Heungnam evacuation of December 1950 during the Korean War. From December 15 to 24, the U.S.-led UN troops carried out an evacuation by sea for tens of thousands of North Korean refugees. These refugees traveled from the North Korean port of Heungnam to South Korea. The story follows 9-year-old Myeong-ho, his pregnant mother, and younger brother Myeong-nam as they make the difficult journey from their village to the port. When Myeong-ho’s family finally manages to board the last ship, the Onyang, Myeong-ho’s mother gives birth to their younger sister, who they name after the ship.

A poignant story of life and hope, Dear Onyang encourages readers to shine a light on the dark memories of war to brighten the future before us.