Bloody Vengeance

epubli GmbH

Taschenbuch, englisch

ISBN 978-3-7541-5722-0

14,99 € [D], 14,99 € [A]
Swift and careful, a fierce seeker of justice is sweeping through the streets bringing chaos and bloodshed wherever she goes.

Rena Lancer, a famous author, is working on finishing her masterpiece, a book so close to reality that it should change the world‘s beliefs.

But to achieve her goals drastic measures need to be taken as she wields her quill as elegantly as her deadly judgment.

Disguised by her innocent nature she begins her journey to show everyone the ugly truths hidden behind fake smiles and twisted words. She rids the world of people who have been in the centre of attention for too long and unravels the secrets buried in the depths of oblivion.

But not everything seems to follow her conceptualised plans as she soon faces dangers which could destroy all her attempts to reveal the world‘s delusive mask.

A fascinating and merciless game begins